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Developing a career growth plan just got easier with Engagedly’s GrowthHub – IDP module! IDP (Individual Development Plan) helps bridge the gap between your employees aspirations and their actual growth, empowering them to make a meaningful impact within your organization.

We believe that every employee has the potential to thrive and make a significant difference in their organization. With IDP, employees can analyze and learn from reviews, gather feedback, and reflect on their past experiences to create a personalized development plan that addresses their specific upskilling and growth needs. Give your employees the power to realize their potential with an IDP.

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Creating Your IDP: Tailored for Success

It all starts with creating an IDP that’s tailored to your employees’ unique goals and aspirations. All they have to do is create a title and description that reflects their growth objectives. With Engagedly’s extensive library of competencies and skills for every industry, they can select the abilities needed to advance their career within the company. From identifying focus areas to setting clear goals and timelines, the step-by-step process makes it easy to chart their path to success.

Celebrate Progress and Achievements with Milestones

Achieving growth dreams requires measuring progress through milestones. Your employees’ IDP isn’t complete without setting these markers of achievements, which will guide them closer to their goals. Your employees can set milestones such as – enhancing their skills and knowledge by taking relevant courses. They can seamlessly integrate comprehensive learning paths from Engagedly LMS into their IDP as milestones for a holistic development experience. Let IDP help you unlock your employees potential!

Collaborate and Seek Guidance with IDP Conversations

IDP’s emphasis on collaboration and support encourages your employees to engage in meaningful
conversations with their colleagues, superiors, managers, or cross-functional team members. These conversations create avenues for seeking help, guidance, and valuable suggestions regarding their IDP. It enables them to share best practices and exchange ideas that will help them enrich their experience, discover new resources such as courses, case studies, and more. These conversations will enrich their growth journey and spark their potential.

Unlock Potential with Customized Support: Schedule 1:1 Meetings

Your employees can maximize their growth and success by booking personalized meetings with their managers straight from the IDP dashboard. Whether they need to clarify their progress, address concerns, or dive deeper into their goals, these sessions will provide a powerful platform for discussion, and help them explore their IDP in greater depth. With the invaluable guidance, and expertise of their managers, they’ll gain insights into core values, identify opportunities for skill development, and ultimately drive meaningful change.

Leading the Way: Manage, Monitor, and Celebrate Your Team's Progress

Managers have the power to guide and support their team’s growth. With IDP, they can effortlessly create and oversee their team’s plans, gently nudge them towards success, and celebrate their milestones with them. But that’s not all. With comprehensive reports, they’ll get valuable insights into every aspect of their team’s progress. They’ll get to see how many members are working on their IDPs, who needs encouragement, and who may require more attention. And with the “My Team” section, management is a breeze. They can keep track of everyone’s progress, and maneuver the approach as needed. Managers can lead their teams towards excellence with IDP.

Achieving personal and professional growth is now easier, and more effective than ever with Engagedly’s GrowthHub.  With IDP individuals are empowered to grow and succeed by creating a bridge between their aspirations and their real-life growth to unlock their full potential. This approach helps unlock the full potential of employees, creating a culture of continuous development that fosters success at every level. With IDP, your employees are not just on a growth journey but a part of a movement that's empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

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