Chicago, Illinois


Boost employees performance with purpose


Aligning recognition to core values and creating a culture of feedback to meaningfully scale goal-setting


Within the first year of implementing Engagedly, HIMSS was able to better pivot business priorities to adapt to changing needs while keeping employees engaged


Leveraging Engagedly, performance management processes to support the strategy were made to be more progressive.

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Inc.), a U.S. not-for-profit healthcare organization, set out to adopt a new vision as a changemaker in healthcare — under a “ONE HIMSS” approach — with the goal of aligning corporate values to the organizational strategy across the globe

Engagedly worked with HIMSS to integrate its platform with a new talent strategy consisting of four major phases:

  • Launch Values
  • Create a Feedback Culture
  • Build a Performance Development Program (PDP)
  • Align Goals to Values

The move to priority-based goal-setting helped HIMSS realize a 35% increase in employee participation, and the recognition and gamification components built into Engagedly helped drive behaviour change with 91% of employees receiving points for achievements that aligned with company values.