Demographic Level Reporting

  • With demographic level reporting, it is a breeze for leaders and managers to get detailed insights
  • Filter insights by different business units, age, tenure, teams, location
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Engagement Survey Demographic Level Reporting
Engagement Index and Favoribility Score

Engagement Index & Favourability Score

  • With Engagement Index you will know how engaged are your employees
  • With Favorability Score, you will know the favourability factor of the employees in your organization
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    • Helps bridge the gap between perceived employee engagement of the organization and the actual employee engagement
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Understanding Engagement Gaps
CXO Dashboard Engagement Survey


  • With the help of heatmaps, you can get deep insights on the employee’s thought processes and how it affects the overall engagement of your organization
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Action Plan

Based on the outcome of the engagement survey, organizations can set and align individual, organization, business, and department level goals and action plans

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Engagement Survey Action Plan

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