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Solutions for Execution

The Engagedly platform provides a multitude of tools for executing your people strategy

Working with a coach is a proven best practice to help implement your OKR strategy
and drive business outcomes. The OKR Launch and Coaching Program is a customized
consulting service program designed to help organizations successfully implement and
widely adopt the OKR approach.

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The first days of a new job leave an indelible mark on an employee and set the stage for
their overall engagement with the organization. Our LMS, goal-setting module,
30-60-90 reviews, file drive feature and social sharing platform
can help you give your
employees the tools, knowledge, and roadmap they need to be successful from day one.

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Engagedly offers tools to perform regular check-ins and project reviews for teams
working on projects across different departments and regions. With our ongoing
check-ins, 360 assessments, OKR, and goal setting modules,
you can ensure progress
and accountability across your organization.

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People confuse activity with outcomes. If organizational goals and outcomes
are clearly defined then employees can see how their work impacts the organization.
Consequently they can set their goals to align with the organizational goals.
Functional leaders and managers can also set goals and cascade to their employees
to ensure alignment within their teams

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Solutions for Enablement

Engagedly’s multi-faceted platform works holistically to help you enable your employees

In our rapidly changing business environment, employees need continuous learning
and growth opportunities. Investing in your employees’ development results in better
performance and improved employee retention. Our LMS, gamification, real-time
feedback, and 360 assessment tools
are here to help.

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Engagedly has partnered with Traliant to bring you industry-leading online HR and
compliance training courses at a discounted price. The course library includes a
variety of interactive training modules on subjects from Sexual Harassment
Prevention to Diversity and Inclusion.

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Solutions for Engagement

Engagedly offers a variety of ways to drive employee engagement within your organization

If employees are not engaged, organizations perform at a sub-optimal level. This leads to
lower productivity, higher turnover, higher absenteeism and ultimately lower organizational
outcomes. Our surveys, goal-setting module, badges and social platform can help you
measure and drive better employee engagement within your organization.

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Leaders do not have a monopoly on ideas. Great ideas and innovations can come from
anywhere within the organization, especially from the front line employees. Our ideas
feature, gamification tools, and goal setting module
can help ensure that ideas and
innovation from anywhere in your organization are rewarded.

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One of the top issues that comes up repeatedly in employee engagement surveys is lack of
visibility to organizational direction, as well as lack of communication from the leaders. Our
social platform, bulletin board feature, and org goals tool help you to stay connected with
employees right across your organization.

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It’s been said that Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In order to build a strong culture
that scales and is enduring, leaders must consistently live their culture. Our badges tool,
real-time feedback, surveys, and social platform
help leaders to continuously reinforce
culture-centric behaviours in their organizations.

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Engagedly seamlessly integrates with your favorite software for one continuous user experience.

Mobile enabled

Connect with your team and collaborate while you’re on the go with our app for iPhone and Android.

Join the hundreds of organizations already seeing better employee engagement with Engagedly

“Feedback is now more important than ever with most employees working from home. It’s hard to gauge how your work is being seen by others, and Engagedly helps bridge that gap.”


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