Adventures at Strategery Inc

Adventures at Strategery Inc is a humorous, satirical web series by Engagedly.

Follow the antics of the team at Strategery Inc, a fictional media/advertising agency, run by the most dysfunctional CEO, Tony. They’re routinely saved by their HR leader, Susie, who understands the importance of building a highly engaged, high-performing team.

In every episode, the team faces a new challenge that Tony is ill-equipped to handle, which leads to poor management and engagement issues. Luckily, with Susie’s guidance and tools like Engagedly, they overcome obstacles and strive to build a top-notch team.

Get ready for laughs, insights, and valuable lessons in building highly engaged, high-performing teams with Adventures at Strategery Inc!

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Episode 21 – Gordy Is Missing

In this episode of Adventures at Strategery Inc, Gordy goes missing on the day of his performance review. Engagedly proposes a solution.

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Episode 12: The Hypnotist

Strategery Inc CEO decides to use hypnotism to engage his employees!

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Episode 6: Shining the Light

Gordy is lost in a hotel and encounters twin girls who warn him to focus on people.

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Episode 0: Deal Me In Engagedly

Adventures at Strategery Inc.
A music video to return to work!

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