From the process standpoint, we have revolutionized the efficiency of reviews. A process that once took four months now takes four weeks. And best of all, measuring employee growth isn’t limited to annual reviews.

Mark nemeth
head of performance optimization
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A new approach

Our flexible and multi-faced performance review platform is built to help visionary organizations reduce time spent on performance reviews and increase their efficacy.

Build customized templates for different groups of people by
role, department or any other criteria.

Review your employee’s OKRs and Goals within the
performance reviews.

Highly configurable and flexible workflow and rule configuration tools
to enable your performance management strategy. Run different
processes for different teams, departments or business units.

Use our 9 box tool to identify your future leaders and develop your
succession planning strategy.

With a built-in competency model and ability to import your own
competency model, your organization can drive best practices for
employee development and growth.

Alternative workflows for organizations that want to do 30-60-90 days
reviews or conversations for new hires. Flexible approach to the review
process also allows for reviews based on work anniversaries.

Now automatically pull your goals to your performance reviews for an improved review experience. Having them automatically pulled into your performance reviews, helps to ensure that employees are evaluated fairly, and accurately.

Create multiple goals sections, and have them automatically pulled into your performance reviews. This helps to ensure that you assign relevant weightage, and determine which goals will lead to better organizational outcomes.


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Johnny Goodguy | Director

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