When buying a new house, there are a number of items that need to be taken into account. Being in the market for a new home could be overwhelming as real estate agents offer a wide array of tempting homes. We have to remember that people will do almost anything to close a sale, and this may, in turn, have underlying issues that may be detrimental to us that may present themselves long after we buy the home.

Having a checklist of what you need to look out for may be the best way to ensure nothing gets us off guard. There are numerous points that you need to check before you decide to purchase a property. The things you should check into go beyond the home’s facade, number of rooms, bathrooms, dens, and features.  

What You Need to Look Out For

When you have a house visit with the real estate agent, and you are satisfied with the home’s features, you have to look for potential problems and liabilities that may be a bargaining standpoint or a deal breaker. These things that you need to look out for may be the security of the location, the amenities near the vicinity, and natural disasters that may be a problem in the coming months.

Perhaps, the most significant thing that you could experience caused by a natural occurring event would be flooding. You may have visited the location with the real estate agent at a time when no signs of a flood are visible. We have to remember that floods are devastating and expensive to clean up. Getting property damage restoration professionals to address these issues may be needed. To spare yourself from these potential problems, here are some things to look out for;

Flood Map

It would significantly reduce your time and effort to check online for a flood map. This could be done before your house inspection and would cross the property out of your choices. FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency has an updated flood map that may mark certain locations as flood-prone. We have to keep in mind that flash floods cause significant damage to a home and need professional flood cleanup services to address.


When you decide to personally visit the location, be aware of watermarks that may be on the walls of the home. This could tell you more details that water levels may have risen. The notable point is that there could also be signs of mud on the road or yard. You can also check for signs of corroded landscaping.


The interior of a home is the most important to check. You may need to pay close attention to spots that have discoloration and leaks. The basement may also be viewed for any signs of water damage. A home that has experienced a flood may need to be checked by mold remediation experts, as mold growth may affect the people living within the home.

Potential Neighbors’ Advise

The best thing to do before buying a home is to ask your potential neighbors about the home. You can ask if they experience flooding or any naturally occurring event that has damaged properties in the area. It would be helpful to make a connection with these people as you may be living in that community for a long time.